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“This world is made up of stories, not atoms.”

Muriel Rukeyser

We Are Everywhere are story books, stories written by all activists from the front line of resistance to capitalism and economic globalization, stories of struggles and opposition of participants in movements that found ground on each continent. These stories, told with words and pictures, have been collected over the last three years by a group of activists, authors and artists, all of whom have a deep connection with the movement.

This book explores and celebrates what all activists, academics and media commentators have recently called the “anticapitalist” movement. One of the great strengths of this movement is its ability to revive proposed global political projects, projects defined by proposals of autonomy, ecology, democracy, self-organization and direct action, proposals explored in We Are Anywhere.


Fifty-five stories and stories from twenty-six countries take place in chronological order. Some of the most subjective, different come in the format of collective declarations – all selected not only for their skills in documenting key issues and events of the movement, but also for the quality of their articles.

In the pages of the book one can find the account of a taxi driver who organized all taxi drivers in Seattle around actions against the World Trade Organization (WTO) that rub against a Nigerian activist’s story of returning from exile and watch the “Carnival of the Oppressed” which celebrates on the same day the “carnival against capital” similarly blocks financial centers around the world.

The stories of Thai villagers which building protest in the villages on the road of a large dam are mixed with stories of riots defying the privatization of water in Bolivia, the blockade of roads by the Argentine unemployment movement, and the realization of the Papua New Guinea movement, via internet, that they are’not alone in fighting the policy  imposed by the World Bank. Together, these various writings reflect the nature of this movement. The stories are framed by seven essays collectively written by all editors that explore some of the many priorities and characteristics of the movement.

Photography Essay:

The book is punctuated by ten photo essays, some of which document specific events such as days of global action (such as those in Seattle, Prague, and Genoa); different develop key themes. This book is opened and completed with a photo essay, providing access and publication access and inspiration from publications.


This book isn’t quite the size of a brick, and is 520 pages long. It contains more than 150 photos, the majority of which were contributed by independent motion photographers. All layout and design activities are carried out by the collective, and to some extent, reflect the diversity and fluidity of the global movement against capitalism.


“We Are Everywhere is the first book that really captures and embodies the radical creativity and ingenuity of the protest movement”. –Naomi Klein

“…this book is essential reading for anyone who cares about our future, and quite hard to hand over to anyone who doesn’t care.” — The Independent, London

“Outside the courtyard, we can almost hear the roar of the crowd: ‘Our resistance is as transnational as capital. We are everywhere. We won.’ ” — Ecologist

“This is the authentic document of the revolution.” — The Times, London

“This is not a book, these are bricks to destroy cynicism.” –Luther Blissett

We Are Everywhere