Here is all contents of this book is in pdf format, for all of you to download, read and or share. An earlier and smaller ‘tasters’ booklet, entitled of the Notes From Everywhere, produced in summer 2001, is also available below here.

Front cover

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Chapter one

Emergence: unbearable global opposition – Notes from Nowhere
Over the wall: so this is live action!
Open tomorrow today: invitation to insurance
The Sans-Papiers: a unique woman first lesson
Sweatshop and Ivory Tower
Reclaim the Streets: arrow of hope
Live Action: Road Reclamation

Part two

Network: movement ecology – Notes from everywhere
Dreaming of a Reality: Where past and future meet when this
Death of a Zapatista
Live Action: Affinity Group
We Have Time, We Have Money: French unemployed get busy
People’s Global Action: grassroots going global
Global Day of Action: Parties and protests against ‘free trade’ and the WTO

Chapter three

Autonomy: making room for independence – Notes from Nowhere
Live Action: Squat Room
Cutting the Wire: Brazil’s groundless movement
Growing Hope: a community park in New York City
Power Plant: protest village in Thailand
Messages of Peace for the Public: words from the Assembly of the Poor
Live Action: Guerrilla Gardening
Cremating Monsanto: genetic engineering fields on fire
Life Isn’t Business: an intercontinental caravan
Together We Start the Struggle: speech of the Brazilian landless movement

Chapter four

Carnival: fighting is the secret of joy – Notes from Nowhere
World Action Day: J18 – Carnival Attacks the Capital
Dancing on the Edge of Chaos: the wrench in the work of global capitalism
Carnival of the Oppressed: against the oil occupation of the Niger delta
Direct Action: Disobedient Body
World Day of Action: N30 – Shut down the WTO
First Anticipated
Not in Service: stories of rebel taxi drivers
Live Action: Organizing Chaos
Infernal Noise: soundtrack for rebellion
Indymedia: don’t hate the media, be the media
Live Action: Cultural Jamming
The Pranksters and the Golden Phallus: imitating the WTO
Disobedience Is Happiness: the art of Mujeres Creando
Live Action: The Pie’s the Limit
The Water Is Ours, Damn it! Cochabamba water war
Roquefort Rebellion
World Day of Action: S26 – Useball IMF
It’s Got To Be Silver and Pink: on the road with Tactical Frivolity
A River Comes To Prague: solidarity from Narmada
Good – If we only could breathe

Chapter five

Clandestinity: resist state repression – Notes from Nowhere
Anarchists can fly
Civil Emergency: Zapatistas hit the road
Live Action: Prison Solidarity
April Death: African students against World Bank policies
Kenyan Students Reject World Bank
Global Day of Action: A20 – FTAA, No Way! Quebec city
The Bridge at Midnight Shakes
Touching State Violence
World Day of Action: J20 – us G8, Us 6 Billion
Genoa: new start from old war
Assassin: the day after tomorrow
Terror Testimony
Will death in the family breathe life into the movement?
Protecting the movement and its unity: a realistic approach
Immediate Action: Medical Action
International Solidarity: accompanying ambulances in Palestine

Chapter six

Strengths: build it without picking it up – Notes from Nowhere
Durban Social Forum Declaration
We’re Making Histri
Altered Landscape: reflection on the 9/11 effect
We Find We Are Not Alone: ​​surfing the internet in Papua New Guinea
N9 – WTO Back to the Desert
Popular Pots, Pans and Strengths: Buenos Aires neighborhood assembly
Live Action: No Limits, No Nations
We are Humans: Woomera escape
Escape From Woomera
Live Action: Unpacking War
It’s so fun we’re everywhere, we think we’re okay alone
Forging links in Ozarow: Polish workers reclaim their factories
Live Action: Solidarity and Sabotage
We are nothing, we want to be everything: story self-management
Fight for win: Ontario Coalition Against Poverty
The Power of the Piqueteros: The movement of all unemployed workers in Argentina
World Day of Action: O12 – We Will Not Be Colonized Again
Between the dilapidated and the built: the usability of the environment

Chapter seven

Walking we ask questions – Notes from everywhere
About Notes from Everywhere
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Closing Photo Essay

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We Are Everywhere