We Are Everywhere is filled with aesthetic photos from all the world that are collected and archived over the years by photographers and activists from many backgrounds. The lost art of portrait essays has been brought back to life and inspirational images of resistance have been shaped to create a visual statement that intertwines against capitalism and the purpose of life. In this element you will find small examples of images found in all books.

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Zapatista women are vigilant in defending their communities. Chiapas, Mexico – Photo by Timo Russo.

Indian farmers are protesting biotech giant Cargill as part of an ambitious team of activists from the south of the world. Netherlands, 1999 – Photo by Thomas Schlijper.

A billboard everywhere chides neoliberalism around the second World Social Forum. Porto Alegre, Brazil 2002 – Photo by Andrew Stern.

Tute Bianche defends himself from police attacks around protest defiant G8. Genoa, Italy, 2001 – Photo by Tendence Flu.

A poetic barricade professing “Existence-Resistance” thwarts a line of riot police around protests against the Free Trade Area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAmerica. Quebec City, Canada, 2001 – Photo by John Jordan.

Protesters tore down the fence at the Woomera detention center, freeing many asylum seekers who were imprisoned in inhumane situations. Australia, 2002 – Photo courtesy of Desert Indymedia.

A street medic amid tear gas at a militant “blue march” around a protest against the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. Prague, Czech Republic, 2000 – Photo by Tendence Flu.

Palestinian women protest the Israeli occupation and the increase of military aggression against the civilian population in the West Bank and Gaza. San Francisco, California, 2002 – Photo by David Hanks.

A woman confronts the police during the people’s opposition to the privatization of water. Cochabamba, Bolivia, 2001 – Photo by Tom Kruse.

A piquetero boy participates in an all city blockade, cutting off all access to Buenos Aires. Argentina, 2002 – Photo by Andrew Stern.

Indigenous Ogoni people pay tribute to slain, who led the opposition to along with eight other Ogoni activists by the military dictatorship. Ogoniland, Nigeria, year unknown – Photo by Gopal.

The pink fairy Tactical Frivolous is here to lead the police on an afternoon jog around action against the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. Prague. Czech Republic, 2000 – Photo by Tendence Flu.

The Karnataka State Peasants’ Movement (KRRS) scorched genetically modified crops as an element of the “Monsanto Cremation” campaign. Karnataka, India, 1998 – Unknown photographer..

Protesters attack a police car around a rally against the G8 in Genoa. Italy, 2002 – Photo by Tendence Flu.

In an unprecedented “precautionary strike”, protests against the war in Iraq broke out across the US and the world before the war legally began. San Francisco, California, 2002 – Photo by Peter Maiden / San Francisco Indymedia.

Revelers experience the aesthetic blend of sun and water released during the “Carnival Against the Capital” (J18) in the heart of the City of London while actions aimed at the financial centers are taking place simultaneously across the world . London, England, 1999 – Photo by Nick Cobbing.

We Are Everywhere